• How increase website or Blogger traffic 

Traffic is important for blog and website . Website is nothing without traffic . So traffic is important but some time traffic not come early so today I tell you best ways to get website traffic. 

1. Write High quality content 

2. Share content on social media 

3. Use advertising for website traffic in Facebook youtube other platforms 

4. Submit post to Google search console

5. Write original content 

6. Made Blogger easy to read

7. Optimise Blogger or website for good search engine result

8. Join whatsapp and Facebook group which related blooger then share your post on groups

9. Write answer on Quora and get traffic from Quora 

10. Join guest posting and get back links and traffic

11. Ask questions on other big platform 

12.Comment on other websites they visiter come to your blog and website. 

13. Don't copy other post because google catch up fast that content is copied.