• How Increase website page speed 

Hii Friends welcome again . Today In this post I tell you how increase website page speed.  You know that website speed is important for visitors.  If your website speed is good then visitor stay on web. 

Benefits of Good website page speed

  • First if you have good page speed then your visitor stay on website if you don't have page speed it take to time for loading then your visitor go to other website instant.                                                      
  • Second If you have good web page speed it increase your revenue. If have website good speed for page it fast loading ads and show fast ad on websites so by it you can increase your revenue.                                                                        
  • Third it can boost your website ranking in Google.  
  • It is best SEO for website. 

So website speed is important so today I tell you 10 tips for increase website page speed

1. Use Simple fast Theme 

Use Simple theme on websites.  Don't use heavy theme on website for good look and please don't use many java script inot website because it decrease your ranking in Google.  And java script not good for website.

2. Compress your post Image

Compress your image first when you write new article or post. If you compress your image it not increase post weight. A compressed image not take time for loading so it also important. Yup can compress your image by online compressor website and other compressor apps. So use compressed image. 

3. Don't use many more widget in website 

Don't use many more widget in website because it makes your website heavy . And decrease of page loading speed. It's not good for SEO. 

4. Not add many post in website homepage

Don't show above 5 post in website homepage because it take time to loading page. 

5. Don't add many ads on website 

Don't add many ads on website because it also effect on websites page speed.  So not show more Ads on web page. 

6. Use fast loading templates 

Use fast loading template which have good and lite and good in page loading speed.  So use best speed templates. 

7. Choose Best hosting for website

If you are using WordPress use best hosting which which have good work system.  Good hoster increase website page speed so choose good speed. 

8. Install Google page speed on website 

Add Google page speed on website for web speed.

9. Use chaching 

Use chaching for increase website speed. If you are using WordPress use chaching plug in foregards cleaning chache. Chache if cleared it makes web page speed good.

10. Minify your website javascript ando Css 

Minification is the process of removing unneeded characters (such as tabs, spaces, source code comments) . In this delete unneeded java script and lines which is not important for website they make only website heavy. So remove these.