Top 5 Reason for Adsense account disapproved ...

Hii Friends welcome again with a new fresh post. I see that many time Google Adsense disapproved website  for showing ads. I also get adsense approval after many try.  Because my website have many problems and reasons for Adsense disapprove . Then I fix this problem and I got adsense approval. So today I tell you Top 5 Reason for Adsense account disapproved which I faced in my website approval . But I suggest you make website according Adsense policy which support your website. And don't use copyright content it is also reason for Google Adsense disapprovel. If you follow this rule you can get definitely Adsense approval so let's check out this Google Adsense disapprovel reasons. 

What Is Google Adsense 

Google Adsense is advertising programme which is show advertisment and Google Adsense is a easiest way for bloggers and other content writer website for earn money. It pay money to publishers for showing ads on there website. adsense Google ads It's a trusted platform in advertisers which a Google product.  So today I tell you why Google Adsense disapprove. And tell you Adsense approval tips. So  create Adsense account and earn with Adsense. 

Top 5 Reason for Adsense account disapproved ->

1. Websites Designing 

First important reason is web design many people applied for Adsense without good website design. They don't do good website design which not have good look and good theme or template and they not customise website and applied for Adsense. But they don't get adsense approval. Add good navigation and menu bar and sidebars. And make website simple which is attract your visitor and make it fast. So first design your website before applying for Google Adsense. 

2.not have enough unique post 

Second reason for Google Adsense disapprovel is not have enough unique post. It means don't use copyright post and content because Google caught it fast that it copyright content and they disapproved you website. So create unique post not copied. And write 15 above unique post for fast Adsense approval. 

3. Domain 

And third common reasons is Domain. For Google Adsense account approval you need to add a top level domain like- .com .net .in .info and other. If you don't have budget for like this domain you can buy .xyz domain in cheap price which I am using you can also get adsense approval  on this domain. So add top level domain to website for approval. 

4. Important pages not have

Fourth reason is not have important page like contact us, Privacy policy, about us, disclaimer. So you need to add privacy policy, contact us, about us, disclaimer pages to website. It is important also for approval. 

5. Not have organic traffic 

Fifth an last reason  is website not have good organic traffic . You need to get organic traffic for your website and do SEO and add website I'm Google search engine or webmaster. You can get traffic by sharing on social media. If you getting orgainc traffic then you can apply for Adsense.

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